Bachman Transitions is a residential transition program for
young adults needing to gain skills for independence.

Points of Interest

Living Skills

Residents of the Bachman Transitions program will learn the skills necessary for independence by living with a full-time Life Coach who will train...
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Career Preparation

Bachman Transitions partners with Tennessee College of Applied Technology to offer state of the art vocational training in more than 20 areas...
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Personal developmenT

The Transitions lab utilizes a top-notch, research based curriculum with proven results...
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Community Matters

Bachman Academy has a reputation as a nurturing and caring environment that fosters emotional support for our students. The residents and families involved in Bachman Transitions can be confident that this same atmosphere is a driving force of the transition program.

Health matters

Residents receive hands-on training from a licensed nurse in matters relating to health and wellness.

Tech Matters

Technology abounds at Bachman Transitions. Residents will learn how to utilize technology for independent living.

Money matters

Bachman Transitions residents will learn about money management through paid internships and financial responsibility lessons.

Success Matters

Individual Transition Plans will outline goals for each resident to outlines goals for successful completion of Bachman Transitions.

Fast Facts

Transitions Works!

Adults with learning disabilities are 63% more likely to succeed professionally after attending a post grad transition program.
~National Institute of Mental Health

TCAT Succeeds!

Bachman Transitions partner, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, has a 95% job placement rate for students who graduate from their vocational programs.

Graduates Achieve!

Adults with a certification in a specific trade or vocation earn more than 43% of people with just a highschool diploma and more than 27% of people with a college degree.
~USA Today

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